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MyLedgnd is the plaform for LED lighting in horticulture

Combine knowledge of light and plant physiology

MyLedgnd is developed to support growers in the transition to LED lighting. This transition is different for each crop and greenhouse. MyLedgnd supports you in the successfull application of LED lighting in your greenhouse.

Successfull implementation of LED lighting

To make the effect of LED lighting clear, we will monitor the crop together. Crop registrations and photos can be entered into MyLedgnd every week. We get more insight into the crop by comparing measurements under LED lighting and a reference section. This information can be used to make adjustments if necessary. If you already use a registration system, we will try to link it so that double entry is not necessary.

Once we have followed the crop and climate together for a period of time, we will look at how we can optimize the results of the crop. The experts at MyLedgnd have a lot of experience in researching and optimizing crops. They have already made models for many crops that are successfully applied in practice. The experts of MyLedgnd will provide you with the information you need to achieve the desired cultivation goals together with your crop consultant.

The greenhouse climate plays an important role in the transition to LED. In MyLedgnd we provide insight into the greenhouse climate in relation to the results of the crop. This is different for each crop. We can link existing data sources (, 30MHz, Aranet, Sigrow, etc.) to MyLedgnd. If desired, Ledgnd can place and unluck (extra) sensors.

Measurements that we often use are:

  • Temperature and RH
  • CO2
  • PAR
  • Soil moisture
  • Live spectrum

In MyLedgnd you can find the calculations of the selected lighting. Using various calculations, we can clarify the pros and cons of different fixtures. We select the appropriate lighting according to your needs. You have insight into the following calculations:

  • LB-standard
  • DLI in the greenhouse
  • Spectrum output
  • Live DLI

Growers using MyLedgnd have access to exclusive services. With these services, you can quickly and easily request services from our renowned partners at attractive rates. Examples of these services are:

  • Light measurement in the greenhouse
  • Measuring fixture
  • Installation
  • Subsidy
  • Insurance

How quickly do you earn back your LED installation? This is a complex question, but very important for growers. Based on the crop results from MyLedgnd and the energy savings we can make a Return On Investment calculation. Based on this calculation you have the knowledge to make a well-considered choice for the LED that fits your cultivation goals.

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